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Businesses in Stanislaus County are responsible for taking steps to protect the health of their workers and customers by minimizing close contact between people and maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment. The step-by-step protocol below explains legal obligations and provides additional guidance to employers when one or more people at the workplace tests positive for COVID-19. This protocol applies to employees as well as volunteers, contractors, or other people who work at the facility. In addition to this protocol, employers must comply with all applicable state and federal laws and any collective bargaining obligations. Please note that this guide is not intended for any congregate or high-risk facilities.

When to Use This Protocol

  • If the person diagnosed with COVID-19 ever had symptoms, use this protocol if they were symptomatic while at work or developed symptoms within 48 hours of being at work.

  • If the person diagnosed with COVID-19 never had symptoms, use this protocol if they tested positive within 48 hours of being at work.


This protocol is triggered as soon as you learn that a person at your workplace has received a positive test result on a COVID-19 diagnostic test. You may not avoid the requirement to implement this protocol by re-testing the person, even if the results of one or more re-tests are negative.

Protocol: What To Do When Someone at the Workplace Tests Positive for COVID-19

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