Rethink Your Drink

It’s Summer – Are you and your family staying healthy and safe?

Ask yourself and your family:

  • Exercise regularly? Do you hydrate with water or sports drinks?
  • Are soft drinks your main beverages with meals?
  • Do you read labels to compare the sugar content of beverages you purchase?

Sugary drinks contribute to the growing obesity crisis in Stanislaus County. Celebrate your health this summer, leave the sugar behind.

The Facts:

  • Sugared drinks are the largest contributor of unnecessary calories in the American diet. These calories add to weight gain. (i)
  • The average 20 oz. soft drink contains about 68g of sugar...that's 17 tsps of sugar! (ii)
  • Reducing sugar & calorie intake, helps maintain a healthy weight and decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Sports, energy, and sweetened tea drinks can contain as much sugar as soft the labels.
  • Preserving a healthy weight is much easier than losing weight. The average person walks 1 hour to burn off the calories in a 20 oz. soda. (iii)

Tips for Summer Success:

  • Stay hydrated with water, it nourishes your body best.
  • Stay indoors during the heat.
  • Avoid drinking beverages high in sugar or caffeine, preventing dehydration.
  • For flavor, infuse water with fruit.

Suggested fruit-infused water flavor combinations

Chop the following herbs or fruit and add ice water:

  • Lemon / Lime / Orange (no herbs)
  • Raspberry / Lime (no herbs)
  • Pineapple / Mint
  • Blackberry / Sage
  • Watermelon / Rosemary

Remember to refrigerate afterwards!

Rethink Your Drink campaign goals are to:

  1. Decrease Californian's consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.
  2. Replace them with healthier, affordable beverages like water.
  3. Reduce empty calorie consumption.
  4. Encourage healthy weight.
  5. Improve the health of Stanislaus County residents.

Nutrition Education & Obesity Prevention

For more information or Rethink Your Drink resources


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(ii) United States Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010. Chapter Two: Balancing Calories to Manage Weight:16.
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