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Mission: To promote, protect, and improve the health of the community through leadership, partnership, and innovation.

What is Public Health? Public health is an array of programs and services designed to protect the health and safety of the community.

Public Health services include: assessment of the health status of residents, disease prevention, community mobilization, outreach, education, disease control, policy recommendation, and assurance of quality health care services.

Our Values: Adaptive, Cooperative, Committed, Competent, Credible, Ethical, Inclusive, Respectful, Responsive.

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Within our local Public Health Department (PHD) we have Meaningful Use (MU) capability within the certain areas. More details available on our "Update on Meaningful Use (MU) Capability within Stanislaus County Public Health" letter. Comprehensive programs and services that are designed to promote and protect the overall health status of the community.

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